Rebecca Spit Walks

The Cortes Island ferry is coming towards us in the background, with Cortes Island behind it, and a tug is travelling north to one of the islands, as we stand on Rebecca Spit and look across Sutil Channel to Cortes Island with the mainland mountains in the background.

Rebecca Spit is a tiny provincial park. It is the most popular spot for Quadra Islanders and visitors to take a stroll. The spit has been used by First Nations people for the past 7,000 years or so and holds a campground run by local First Nation islanders, a boat-launch ramp, and a large open field where people play soccer, walk dogs, and hold annual festivities such as the Mayday Parade and Canada Day. There are short trails along the spit, as well as numerous picnic tables and fireplaces. The spit is very narrow and on its west side is Drew Harbour where many boaters anchor and stay during summer. On the spit’s east side is Sutil Channel, where you can watch the Cortes ferry sail past every few hours, as well as other boating and shipping traffic. Sutil Channel is very popular sailing, kayaking, and boating water during summer. Stroll along the spit and watch the varied bird life and water fowl. You may spot an orca or a humpback whale.

Here, a lucky visitor to Quadra has caught an orca (killer whale) in her camera, playing in Drew Harbour just feet away from the shore.

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