Shelalligan Pass Trail

You’re in for a treat hiking the coastal sections of this trail system.

One of the isolated, silent little bays within Village Bay where the Shellaligan Pass Trail passes along the coastline here and provides stunning coastline vistas.

Drive north from Heriot Bay for about eight miles until you see Valdez Road, signposted, on your right. Drive down Valdez Road for about seven kms. , past Marina Drive on your right, for a further half-kilometer to the first side-road on your left, Hartford’s Woodlot 25, signposted, also signposted with a trails sign, and turn down this road which takes you 1km  to the first trail-head and parking spot, and 2 kms to the major trailhead and its parking spot. You’re in for a treat now, because if you hike along this trail from the farthest of these two parking spots, you soon come to a rocky beach where the trail hugs the coastline and takes you north and west around numerous pretty little bays, into the large inlet of Village Bay.

The Shellaligan Pass trails are signposted at regular intervals and include good maps like the one above at regular intervals along the trails. You can hike this trails system as a figure-eight, or as two loops, or hike just one or other of the two loops.


You don’t get much prettier than this little inlet, just one of numerous little bays along this coastal trail.

The trail takes you to picaresque and somewhat isolated Village Bay, the site of a squatting Vietnam War draft-dodger/ hippie-type colony during the 1970s. The remains of their shacks can still be seen around the edges of Village Bay, mainly on the north shore.  This trail will soon be described here in detail.

A great blue heron is a magnificent bird to watch along Quadra’s coastline. Herons stand stock still for long periods then suddenly plunge their beaks into the water to catch small fish and others little creatures.

A bright green tree frog is a native to Quadra which chirps loudly on warm spring nights.

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