Wild Plum Walk

The Wild Plum Walk can be found in Esplanade Park which is beside the Government wharf parking lot in Heriot Bay. You drive through the wharf parking area, past the park sign, and down the short road to a small parking area where the walk begins. This 10-15-minute walk follows the coast north for 100 meters and crosses a few little bridges as it climbs up to Hyacinth Bay Road.


The parking area.

The picnic table

The first bridge along the walk.

This painted rock, below, indicates a side-trail to the beach, which rejoins the main trail after about 75 meters along this historic beach. First Nations people camped and ate shellfish on this beach as far back as 7,000 years ago and up to more-modern times.

This painted rock, below, marks the entry of this walk from its Hyancith Bay Road end.

Below is the notched stump along the walk.

The ocean-side tree swing

The bench at the start of the walk.


En route along this walk there is a picnic table, a tire swing, and an old notched tree stump with a new tree growing from it. The notch shows where a logger in the distant past cut the notch with an axe to place a board into the notch, and then stood up on the board to saw down the tree by hand. This placing of the cut up higher on the tree meant that the log did not

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