Newer Trails to Explore

This page will describe trails and other outdoors features on Quadra which do not have their own page on this site. Eventually some of these may get their own page, once this site’s admin has been to the new trail/feature, explored it in person, and collected more info and pictures etc. about it.

Big Tree Woodlot

On the way north from Heriot Bay, after you have driven for about 20 minutes and have passed the Granite Bay Road turnoff and have passed the Open Bay Main turnoff, you will see on your left a large colourful sign, as shown above and below, depicting the outdoors features to be found in BIG TREE WOODLOT, Jerry Benner’s Woodlot NO. W1897. This system of logging roads makes very interesting walking and mountain-biking, with areas of karst (limestone caverns, caves/sinkholes) and specific wildlife areas of interest within it to explore. This sign shows the routes to and locations of these various features, and the sign marks the entry point into the roads system> This sign is beside the main road about a half-mile towards Heriot Bay from the Valdes Road intersection with the main road north to Village Bay Lakes.


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