Drew Creek Trail

Drew Creek Trail


The red arrow and circle in the above map indicate the Drew Creek Trail location. Click on the map to enlarge it.

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The Drew Creek Trail is not officially a public trail, as it is on private land which could at any time become closed to the public, but will probably remain open to the public. It is not marked with flagging tape or anything but is reasonably easy to follow. Currently the public uses this short, popular trail, as it links Hooley Road with Heriot Bay Road and provides a great shortcut between the two and a useful shortcut from Hooley Road to Rebecca Spit. It is also provides a pleasant loop walk of ten minutes or so through a grove of large cedars beside Drew Creek.

This trail begins opposite where the Rebecca Spit Campground sites end at its west end, at the fence line where there is a parking space beside the intersection of Rebecca Spit Road and Heriot Bay Road.

The Drew Creek Trail begins here, inconspicuously, 50 feet north of this horse sign on Heriot Bay Road near the Rebecca Spit turnoff.

From the parking space, cross the road and walk uphill 40 meters to the yellow horses & riders road sign. The trail begins inconspicuously just uphill from this sign and just downhill from the ‘Hooleyville, Pop. 14’ road sign.

The trail climbs gently for a few minutes then meets several branch trails which go to Hooley Road, and stay to the left on these branches and you will come to Drew Creek and a stepping stone bridge. From here the trail loops back for five minutes, passing several branch trails going off into the wilderness, until it ends at Heriot Bay Road, at about 100 meters south of where you parked your car.

The trail crosses Drew Creek and then bends back to Heriot Bay Road

                                                                                                                                  This is a short, pleasant, interlude stroll, filling in 10 -15 minutes; from the west end of Rebecca Spit on Heriot Bay Road and back.

Some of the big cedars along the Drew Creel trail

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